What did you learn in the classes that you think will help you the most in your job on the racetrack?

“The confidence to understand the behavior of the horses”

“How to get along better with my horse”

“How to protect my horse when (he) suffers pain”

“How to help the legs - the importance of legs”

“What the medicine does”

“What happens with colic”

“To share and to work together with the other workers”

“Ser cada dia mejor” (Each day to be better)

What is your dream for yourself here in the United States?

“To Prosper”

“To learn English”

“To be a trainer”

“To lead the right life”

“To have winning horses”

“To make money to send back to my family”

“To have many memories”

“To bring some day my family here”

“To be a foreman”

“To always be allowed to work”

“To live better”

“To be a person without problems”

“To become the most possible”

“To secure the life of my children and their learning”

“To have my papers”

and simply

“SER GRUM” To be a groom